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James Frazermann Favourite Places in Philippines

There are a few places in the Philippines that really stand out that we believe any visitors to the islands should take time to experience for themselves. We are going to highlight a couple of our favourites here.

El Nido

The beach at El Nido has been ranked as the best beach in the world, and it’s no surprise to those who live there. Its beautiful white sand, breath-taking coral reef, and awe-inspiring limestone cliffs make it an unforgettable tropical destination.

El Nido is actually the name of a group of 45 islands and inlets. The area is filled with mangrove forests, lagoons and ancient caves that house the remains of the resident’s ancestors, dating back thousands of years. The main town in the area is the Poblacion, which is a small community with tree-lined streets and a very relaxed approach to life. The primary industry there is fishing, of course, but agriculture and tourism come in close behind it.  


Manila has a reputation for being a tourist favourite. One look at its towering spires and artisan crafts and the lovely mixture they create side by side makes it easy to see why.

There is a wealth of modern exuberance in Manila, as it is the Philippines’ premier showcase for cutting edge technology and the latest trends. At the same time, it is deeply rooted in its past and in the culture of tis people. The speakeasies, coffee shops and bakeries that dot the streets are not only call-backs to the past but bright reminders that moving forward, the city is still holding fast to home-grown talent and an appreciation of the arts.

Whether you are looking for the ultimate shopping experience with a vast mall that seems to never end or you just want to relax in a nice, quiet hole-in-the-wall that bleeds coolness and style, you can do both in Manila. It is a city of beautiful contradictions, making it easy to see how it obtained the name “Pearl of the Orient”. There really is a lot to love about this city, especially once you peel back a layer or two and dare to look deeper at what it has to offer.

If you find yourself in the Philippines or fancy a trip there, you have to give Manila and El Nido a look. There’s plenty to keep you busy at both, and they each have their unique attractions that make them worth the visit.

James Frazer-Mann

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